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BOOK CORNER: ‘Big Words to Little Me’ turns back the clock

Adolescent years are often filled with emotional roller coaster rides. Young people tend to worry constantly about friendships and popularity, or the lack thereof. During this time, many kids battle low self-esteem and often feel like the odds are against them.

Author Sakina Ibrahim shows readers how to resolve these issues and more in “Big Words to Little Me: Advice to the Younger Self.”

As a dance teacher in Inglewood, Ibrahim was inspired by her students to create the book. She used her life as the lens to navigate what to write.

“We don’t always have people telling us what is possible and that we have a purpose,” she said. “I want black and brown readers to feel affirmed in their greatness and to know they are now responsible for proving themselves to be excellent and to love themselves.”

This book will no doubt inspire young girls as they search for acceptance and the assurance that many of their experiences are normal and that their desires in life are attainable.

Sakina Ibrahim
Sakina Ibrahim

This year, the NAACP Image Awards recognized Ibrahim’s work, providing the author who lives in the View Park community of Los Angeles, with a nomination for the Outstanding Literary Work – Instructional award.

In addition to being an author and performer, Sakina Ibrahim is also an educator who holds empowerment workshops based on her book. Ibrahim describes her workshops as a “creative approach to self-development.”

She is currently developing community-based programs in Los Angeles.

“Big Words to Little Me” is available for $17.99 on or