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BOOK CORNER: Supernatural thriller ‘Elyria’ inspired by vampire novel

Cameron is an average 17 year old living a normal life, until one night his reality is shattered. His parents are murdered by masked home invaders and once he turns 18, he is thrust into a world that he didn’t know existed.

Will Cameron and a group of freedom fighters be able to save Earth, the galaxy, and his homeland, Elyria?

Find out in the new supernatural thriller, “Elyria,” by David Matthews.

In “Elyria,” readers will journey with Cameron and the residents of Elyria as they take on various twists and turns.

Inspiration for the book came from a vampire novel.

“I wanted to create something that had never been done before, something where the vampires were not all glittery, and sparkly,” Matthews said. “I wanted to create a fantasy series for the 21st Century, unlike anyone has ever read.”

“Elyria” can be described as a fun read that is filled with surprises, diverse characters, and relatable scenarios, including fighting racism.

“This book was important for me to create because I believe that we need a new series of books on vampires that truly make the reader think one thing, and come away knowing that the outcome was beyond anything that the reader could ever imagine,” Matthews said.

“Elyria” is intended for high school aged youth, young adults and beyond.

“I hope that readers of this book will be able to come away and say how surprised they were by not just the entire story, but the different ups and downs of these characters, and how they all fit into this magnificent story,” the author said.

Matthews’ favorite characters are Cameron and his friend, who is a witch.

“It’s a fun, hysterical relationship, but it’s also a relationship built on trust, built on true friendship, and built on equal ability, equal love for one another and there’s a lot of beauty in this story,” said the author.

“Elyria” is the first book of an 11-book series.

“This series of books is about unity, it is about the celebration of life, it is about survival, it is about the human race and it is about us surviving,” Matthews said.

In addition to being an author, Matthews is an entrepreneur. He lives in Kyle, Texas with his wife and children.

“Elyria” is available on Amazon for $24.95 (paperback) and $6.99 (Kindle).