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BOOK CORNER: Vigilante finds love in unlikeliest places

Ariel Day is a lawyer living a secret life as a vigilante. She hunts down men who have been abusive to their wives and children.

Devon Knight is a detective who is investigating a series of murders. He comes from a long line of law enforcement and his life has been all work and no play until he meets Ariel Day.

When Ariel and Devon cross paths, they both find the love they have sought after. As they grow closer, Ariel is unsure if her secret will be revealed and Devon never suspects that she is the killer he is looking for.

Will Ariel’s secret be discovered and will her newfound love with Devon be lost?

The answers can be found in “Knight After Day,” written by Shalechia Hunt under the pen name, Audrey Marie Howard. Hunt describes “Knight After Day” as a book written out of necessity.

It is the first installment of a trilogy that was inspired from a series of dreams.

“It was controlling my dreams, and my free thoughts as if to say, ‘Stop trying to ignore me. I am something that you need to give birth to now,’” the author said.

Shalechia Hunt

Her favorite character is Ariel because she is motivating, inspirational and uses adversity to drive her to be successful.

The author desires for her book to be like a breath of fresh air for readers. She hopes readers become engrossed in her book and binge read it as they would their favorite show on Netflix.

In addition to being an author, Hunt is an emergency medicine physician assistant who lives in the Inland Empire with her five children. She is aiming for a June release date for the next installment in the trilogy.

“Knight After Day” is available for $10.99 on and