Northeast Edition

College officials visit Garfield High

EAST LOS ANGELES — Garfield High School students welcomed Los Angeles school board member Mónica García, Local District East Superintendent Frances Gipson, East Los Angeles College President Marvin Martinez, and Cal State L.A. President William A. Covino Sept. 21 as part of the Go East L.A. initiative.

Garfield High School Associated Student Body President Angel Mendez said, “Go East L.A. has given me the opportunity to take my fine arts class after school which allowed me to take an [advanced placement] class.”

Other students noted how Go East L.A. has impacted their educational path.

Karina Paichardo said she appreciates how the initiative gives her “the chance to earn college credit in high school” and Raven Leos said, “Go East L.A. has given me a better opportunity to go to college.”

“We are so happy to be involved,” Cal State L.A. President Covino said. “The success of students in East Los Angeles is going to change the world for the better.”

“In the two years that we’ve been doing this important work, we’re beginning to see a heightened awareness among students about college and career opportunities,” East Los Angeles College President Martinez.

“It’s a great day to be in East L.A. helping students see their future,” García said. “Cal State LA and East Los Angeles College are committed partners to reach greater outcomes in LAUSD. Our students have big dreams and we are here to support them.”

Go East L.A. is a partnership between the Los Angeles Unified School District, East Los Angeles College and Cal State L.A. with a mission to promote a college-going culture and greater educational outcomes for all East L.A. students, including nearby feeder middle and elementary schools, and to offer eligible Garfield High School students who meet all academic requirements with guaranteed admission to East Los Angeles College and Cal State L.A.