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THE HUTCHINSON REPORT: Republican problems with Judge Moore

The Republican Party does not have a Judge Roy Moore problem. It has Judge Moore’s problems. That’s plural for a reason.

Moore is hardly an aberration in Republican ranks. In the past two decades, the list of Republican governors, members of Congress and state and local officials who have been accused of, convicted of, and either summarily dumped from office or resigned reads like a who’s who of a roster sheet of sexual deviants. The long list of GOP sexual rogues has engaged in sexual molestation, rape, pedophilia, pornography trading, peeping tom-ism, and every sort of internet sexual trading, pandering and solicitation imaginable.

Republican Senate and party leaders sweat bullets over Moore in part because he is a political embarrassment and a potential lethal political liability with the 2018 mid-terms around the corner. Moore in office, and in the Senate, is a direct threat to their shakiest of shaky grips on the Senate.

They are toying with every desperate political trick and tactic in the book to get rid of him. That includes finding a write-in candidate, delaying the Dec. 12 special election, and the even more long shot tact of moving to deny him a seat or expel him if he wins the race to replace Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions as a senator from Alabama.

That’s only part of the reason the GOP sniffs deep danger in Moore. He casts the ugly and sordid public glare back on the Republican’s long history of being a safe hideout for packs of sexual deviants. Moore is yet another reminder of what has been standard operating procedure for the GOP’s family values, Bible-thumping moralists who have previously gotten caught with their pants down.

In nearly all cases when the sexual deviancy, profligacy, philandering, abhorrent fetishes and pedophilia of GOP notables is exposed, the word that instantly comes to mind is hypocrisy, with a capital H. And, in nearly all cases, the news of their misdeeds quickly blew over.

They were not endlessly pounded by Democrats for their acts. This stands in stark contrast to the virtual crucifixion of former North Carolina Democratic Sen. John Edwards (and for a time, top Democratic presidential contender) after the revelation that he had an affair and fathered a child out of it.

With Edwards there was even some talk of a criminal prosecution, as a spin off from the infidelity and out of wedlock child fathering.

The party has repeatedly whipsawed Democrats for being the loose, anything goes, under miners of family values by touting gay marriage, abortion and Planned Parenthood. These have become in the GOP hit lexicon code words for the “permissiveness” that then GOP presidential candidate Richard Nixon lambasted Democrats for in 1968. He parlayed that attack into a White House win.

In the years since then, GOP presidents, presidential candidates and nearly every Republican office holder, or would-be office holder used Nixon’s morals script to win and hold office, and tar and slander Democrats as apologists for immorality. Despite the bad behavior of legions of Republican officials, the GOP has firmly imprinted family values defenders as its exclusive preserve. It will not give up the morality preserve without a fight.

Moore himself is a near textbook example of that. He has virtually told GOP leaders to stuff it. He will not step down.

He has legions of local GOP operatives and party officials in Alabama and in other parts who passionately defend him, and finger point the usual suspects, Obama, Clinton, the liberal media and put-up vengeful women out to torpedo the candidacy of a staunch conservative.

GOP Senate leaders are indignant and rage at Moore because he’s a huge political albatross. They are stone silent though about how the Moores of the present and past have been so pervasive a fixture in the GOP.

And worse, how Republican elected officials have led the charge against such things as transgender bathrooms and pornography, while themselves being outed for fetishes with pornography and child sex. This isn’t much different than the GOP’s monumental two-faced posture on race.

It has perfected the fine art of racial assault through the deft use of code words, slogans and double speak to win and keep its hold on state and national offices while pretending to be the party that is color blind and race neutral.

The beauty of the Moore flap beyond making Republicans squirm in trying to cut and run from another alleged sexual deviant in its ranks is that it exposes a political vulnerability of the GOP. That’s important in the next round of GOP-initiated culture wars over abortion, transgender bathrooms and strengthening LGBT protections.

Whether the Democrats choose to make an issue over Moore is less important than the fact that the GOP beyond scrambling to protect its political turf has no answer for them. And Moore and the Moores in the GOP will always take great comfort in that.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson is an author and political analyst. His latest book is “The impeachment of President Trump?” (Amazon Kindle). He is a weekly co-host of the Al Sharpton Show on Radio One and the host of the weekly Hutchinson Report on KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles and the Pacifica Network.