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NAJEE’S NOTES: Another unarmed youth killed by police

Anthony Weber, a 16-year-old unarmed African-American, was shot several times and killed by Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies Feb. 4.

The deputies alleged that after a short foot chase on 107th Street and Budlong Avenue they saw Weber with a gun in his waistband, and as Weber turned towards them, they fired several times killing him instantly. Deputies had been in the area because of a 911 call of a man with a gun. Deputies said that Weber fit the description and that was the reason for the encounter.

“I need it to be known that my son was a good son,” his mother, Demetra Johnson, said. “He had the biggest heart and was a wonderful father. He has a 9-month-old daughter, Violet, who lights up whenever he walked into the room.”

As spokesperson for Johnson, I can truly say this entire family is in a state of shock. This was a 16-year-old unarmed youth shot and killed by deputies. No gun was found anywhere. But I’m not surprised.

Some law enforcement officers after a bad shooting always lie when they murder our kids with …. “we saw a gun and he reached for it.” No one is falling for that nonsense.

If Weber had a gun, what happened to it? Did these Keystone cops let someone come into a shooting scene they failed to contain and walk away iwith t? They should lose their jobs for incompetence alone.

Dear black people. Stop being brainwashed by the media and start giving our youth the benefit of the doubt. Weber was shot and killed unarmed.

Law enforcement can only use deadly force if they are in fear of their lives. That means Weber would have had to point or reach for a gun. Deputies found no gun on him after they shot several times.

The sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission and Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas’ office hosted a town hall meeting to Weber’s death Feb. 7 at the New Congressional Missionary Baptist Church. That meeting ended up in chaos.

Frustrated activists and family members took exception to the blatant disrespect that was displayed to the Weber family by sheriff’s officials who spoke on panel. When asked by an activist if the Sheriff’s Department owed the family anything, a sheriff’s captain replied, “Nothing. We owe them nothing.”

All hell broke loose as activists rushed the stage and shut the meeting down. As my family who attended the meeting with me arrived at the family home, we assured Weber’s mom that we would continue to support the family and our next step was to call for California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to open a probe into her son’s killing.

We can’t allow cops to investigate other cops.

My thoughts on the Super Bowl: I didn’t watch and didn’t care who won. My season-long boycott of the NFL continued. On Super Bowl Sunday, while most black folks were watching this great game, Weber was killed by the sheriff’s.

That is the reason why Colin Kaepernick took a knee. Black innocent people continue to be killed by trigger-happy police nationwide.

The NFL blackballed Kap for defending black people. That’s why I didn’t watch any NFL games this season.

Today I’m continuing to keep fighting with Weber ‘s mom and other family, members and friends, Ceasefire, Project Islamic Hope and other community groups to demand justice.


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