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‘Should there be a limit on the number of presidential candidates?’


Nathalyn Yaah,


“It’s ridiculous. The Democratic Party … it’s too many. If you haven’t signed up in a couple of months, that should be it.”

Tony Patterson

New York

“It should be free so if I want to jump in, and I have the money to do so, then why shouldn’t I be able to. Is it good to have 20 people? I don’t know, but everyone matters to a degree.”

Jason Taylor


“There definitely needs to be more qualified applicants for it. Less people would be great, but that means we have less options. Overall, I think the more options the better, cause then we get to be able to choose.”



“There should be a limit to everything. Otherwise the world gets messed up.”

Compiled by Quinci Edgardye in Koreatown.