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SIMPLY JESSICA: Parker Bates discusses his role in ‘This Is Us’

Parker Bates is a 10-year-old boy who loves to help animals find a home.

He attends every single animal charity event he can. He is always posting pictures of animals on his Instagram that need to be adopted.

“I love it when my friends comment or see the pictures on Instagram and tell me they want to take care of a dog,” Bates said. “I take them the dog or they come and get it. My favorite dog is a huskie or a cute pug.”

Bates’ favorite wild animal are lions. He is currently playing young Kevin Pearson on NBC’s “This is Us.” Bates describes Kevin Pearson as tough, funny, non-emotional and really enjoys taking care of Kate on the show.

Bates was familiar with Mandy Moore. He had seen her in the movie “Tangled.” He enjoyed watching the movie with his friends.

“It is really fun being on ‘This Is Us,’” Bates said. “I feel like Milo and Mandy are my parents because they take care of me off set and they make sure I have my lines memorized and we rehearse together.”

“This Is Us” is in its second season.

Bates loves how protective Kevin is of his sister in the show. It reminds him of the occasional fights he gets into with his brother. He credits his fights with his brother as helping his fights on television to feel natural.

It is his older brother, Prestyn, that inspired Parker to purse an acting career. Prestyn, 12, started his acting career doing commercials.

“I was like Prestyn gets to be on television,” Parker said. “I might want to do that. I went with him to an audition and they asked me if I wanted to audition and then I booked it.”

Bates lived in Frisco, Texas, for eight years.

The soccer fan was wearing his soccer outfit as I was interviewing him.

He has scored 12 goals in one game. He went to a Los Angeles Galaxy game last month. He is also a fan of the FC Dallas soccer team.

“I’m in my soccer outfit right now because I have soccer practice in three hours,” Bates said. “I’ve been playing soccer since I was three years old.

I was on a team in Texas but now I’m in recreation soccer.”

“I really like it,” Bates said. “It’s a good way for me to be active.”

Bates also has been doing gymnastic for three years.

“I can do back flip, front flip, back hand spring and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t describe,” Bates said. “We have a trampoline in our backyard that I like to do backflips on it because it is really fun to do that.”

The child actor loves the Los Angeles weather. He enjoys the mountains, the beach and snowboarding. He loves traveling to get to the country.

His favorite cars are the Ferrari and Lamborghini Egisto Sports Car.

“Parker is a car fanatic,” Karli Bates, Parker’s mom said. “He can tell you every car model out there. He loves cars that look futuristic.”

Bates is a kind, funny and enthusiastic child actor.

His dream acting role is a superhero role.

“I like that superheroes get to have a normal life and a fun superhero life,” Bates said. “I would love to fight crime. I want to be my own stuntman.”

Bates is eager to do all his stunts in his future acting roles.

“I would love to have Spiderman powers or the Flash power,” he said.

His favorite colors are hot pink and royal blue.

“I can’t decide which one I like most,” he added. “Both are pretty if you put them together. I am a foodie. I love everything that my mom makes except her spaghetti squash. My grandma can cook really good as well.”

Bates would love to voice a monkey on a television show.

“It would be fun to voice a monkey because they are in trees and my mom calls me a monkey when I climb trees,” Bates said. “My dad grew up in the country. I like nature, but my mom is not a big fan of nature.”

He favorite movies are “Alvin and The Chipmunks” and “E.T.”

Bates would love to raise medical awareness on cancer.

His mom has been his biggest influence in life but on the television set it is Milo Ventimiglia, because he acts like an awesome dad on set. Bates has a fond memory that he smiles as he shares the story.

“I got hurt once on set,” Bates said. “Milo came and helped me.”

Bates is not a fan of chapter books but he does enjoy reading.

“I like comic books,” Bates said. “I like DC Superhero comic books.”

His favorite subject in school is math because math is the same in every country.

“If I were to be in school in Japan and I did math in Japan then I would get the answer right in Japan,” Bates said. “I think that is really cool.”

As my interview comes to a close, Bates tells me about his favorite toy.

“I really like Legos because I like to put them together and then take them apart,” Bates said. “I do it over and over again. Sometimes I build something with them. Perhaps you could get my mom to get some Legos for me.”

Karli Bates sees Parker as a sweet kid who always amazes her.

“I couldn’t ask for a better kid with Parker,” Karli said. “I know all moms say that. Parker and Prestyn are both so determined but kind and gracious about it. We moved to Los Angeles from Texas as a family to allow our two sons to follow their dream. Parker and Prestyn show that if you work hard then you can achieve anything.

“Los Angeles teaches us that every day. I love what Los Angeles has taught my kids.”

Karli underestimated what her sons could do in Los Angeles.

“I hate that I did and I hate to say that I did,” Karli said. “I thought they were crazy and that if we came out to Los Angeles and they would see how hard it is and then we would go home. They proved me wrong. “Prestyn did a movie out here. He played Charlie Sheen’s son in a movie called “911.” We were out here doing that when this little audition for a show called “This Is Us” came up and we thought it is a pilot and that it wouldn’t get picked up. They kept needing him. We just signed a six-month lease on an apartment.”

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