Opinion Street Beat

‘What do you least like about the COVID-19 quarantine?’



Los Angeles

“I can’t have arts anymore. I grew up in the theater. … Right now we’re really noticing and recognizing that we really miss it.  It was important.”

Barbara Morrison 

Los Angeles

“Not having interaction with other people. I’m a people person. I love to get out and mingle. I miss that a lot.”

Hugh Smith

Leimert Park

“My personal dislike is the economic and social position of the world after the quarantine is finished. What do we do then? A lot of people are going to be hurt economically around the world.” 

Akil West

Los Angeles

“I don’t think enough young black entrepreneurs are utilizing this time to regroup, reprogram and redirect their energies to what it is they want to do with their business.” 

Tiya Omosigho

Los Angeles

“Those who are acting as though they know when their last breath is. … If you’re planning to live every breath in the future with freedom and liberty and justice, you have to start with yourself and heal yourself first. 

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center.