Opinion Street Beat

‘What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?’


Richard Cannon

North Carolina

“It’s being around family. It’s pretty much the same every year, nothing crazy. We had a dance-off one year, that was pretty cool.”

Ariana S.

The Bronx, New York

“My favorite memory is me and my sister at our aunt’s house … I think we were making empanadas, stuffed with like, turkey and cheese. Yeah, that’s my favorite memory. I was like 10.”

Everett Muhammad


“It’s the food. Thanksgiving with the food. I’ll eat Thanksgiving food every day. Take the ham off the fork, and I’ll eat it every day, that’s how good it is.”

Darien “Wood” Jackson


“When all the family gets together. Only time we get together is Thanksgiving or when someone dies. That’s the only time we get together. And I’d really rather it be Thanksgiving.”

Baldwin Pugh


“My favorite memory is when the family came together, back in 1989.”

Compiled by Quinci Legardye on Market Street in Inglewood.