Opinion Street Beat

‘What would MLK think of the U.S. today?’


Charlie F.


“He would be ashamed, [because] the same stuff’s going on. He’d be ashamed that all he fought for was in vain.”

Kevin M.


“He’d be embarrassed [because] we got a lot of work to do. It seems like we took steps backward after he died, instead of moving forward.”

Waltee Orr 

South Los Anageles

“It’s a disgrace because in schools now they don’t teach his whole message. Kids now have to go outside the school to learn. Schools aren’t reinforcing the black civil rights movement, what it’s really about.”

Jonathan Anozie


“I think he would be pleased because how things were back then and, even though we still have the same struggles now, we’ve made some advancements.”

Ari Agne

Washington, D.C.

“He’d think there’s still a lot of work to do, but I think he’d be very proud of the progress that’s been made. Proud of this generation, how they’re following in his footsteps, carrying his baton.”

Compiled by Quinci Legardye in Leimert Park Village.